Thomas Elliott is a London based artist/illustrator.

 He currently works for Anvil Industry as digital miniature designer and creates illustrations for a range of companies and clients on a freelance basis, specializing in internal illustrations, concept and character designs, spot illustrations and cover art.

A list of some of the projects Thomas has worked on

‘Beyond the Gates of Antares’ – Full and half page internal illustrations - Warlord Games – 2018

‘Realities Edge’ – Front cover and all internal illustrations – Osprey Games – 2017-8

‘Daughters of the Burning Rose’  - Kickstarter Banner illustration, multiple character concepts, miniature sculpting – Anvil Industry – 2018

‘War Demon’ – Concept designs – Creature Caster – 2018

‘Maelstroms Edge’ – Internal illustrations – Spiral Arm Studios – 2017


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