Concept Art

As well as sci-fi and fantasy illustration I also regularly create character concepts, more often than not for use in the wargaming and board game industry. On this page are some examples of  concepts generated for acouple of different projects.

To the right are figures created for Anvil Industry. these characters were designed for their range of female sci-fi wargaming miniatures, 'Daughters of the burning Rose'. These concepts would later become 28mm resin models.

On the left is a project for another wargaming miniature company, Creature Caster. They specialize in creating very large, highly detailed miniatures, often with a demonic vibe. With this project they came to me with an idea they had for a large aggressive figure and wanted me to design a range of possible details to match. This was a very rewarding project, not least because the final miniature followed very closely to my final concept sketches. Attached are some images of the finished model.

On the right here are some personal character designs that I feel fit in this category. They are part of my own sci-fi universe , 'Dark Song'